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How can I interpret the results?

The testing laboratories always include a disclaimer with the results for physicians and medical professionals. Therefore the best way to interpret the results is to share it with your physician. We strongly recommend that you consult with a physician for professional and reliable result interpretation. Remember you are  not  a medical doctor  so you should not make any medical decisions beased on your genetic testing  results.

However if you would like to know what your results mean then you should learn some basic genetics.

If your result is "No mutations found for tested points",   then you do not posses any of the tested mutaitons, however that does nt exclude the unknown changes that may still casuse the disorder.  A negative result means that the disease may not affect you yet if clinically indicated then there is a chance that the disease could be due to some unknown mutation or physiological condition.       If both copies of that particular gene contain the mutation then you are considered a positive homozygous and there is a great chance that you could be suffering from that genetic disorder. If only one copy of the gene is mutated then you are a carrier and depending on the condition, you may or may not be suffering from the disease since the other copy of the gene codes for healthy protein.

Please don't forget to share your results with your physician or a licensed medical professional for reliable and accurate interpretation.


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